What To Consider When Renting A Forklift

When renting a forklift, the best that could be done is to set a course of action. Planning beforehand helps in making things manageable and saves you time and headaches that follow while going through countless options. Have a look at our detailed guide that will walk you through all the information that you need to rent the perfect forklift.

  1. Evaluate The Weight Capacity

You should be knowing how much weight does your forklift has to lift and carry. On an average, a forklift weighs 5,000 lbs. Considering the weight capacity is an important detail when planning to get a forklift on rent as this factor determines the load that could be carried. Other factor that has to be included is the product packaging. Make sure you decide:

  • If you want it to be on pallets or sitting on the floor
  • Size has to be uniform or irregular
  • How secured product is (shrink wrapped or strapped)?
  1. Determine Lift Height

Other important factor that matters in this case is the reach height. Just as the weight, the measurement has to be as accurate as possible. The forks need to reach a particular height, which means the fork should be having the ability to lift the weight up to height. Choosing a forklift that fails to tolerate the weight up to the desired height would be of no use and could be dangerous as well.

  1. Surfaces where the Forklift Will Be Driven

You need to know where your forklift would be operating, whether it is a warehouse, a factory or some construction site. This is because environment makes a great difference in identifying the type of tires that the forklift would need. You should be taking in to consideration that required turning radius and the minimum aisle width.

  1. Set a budget

Renting a forklift is definitely not that expensive. You can get a standard 5,000 lb forklift for minimum $100 per day. Other than the basic rent, you will have to take in to consideration, the operational costs such as fuel (LP or Diesel).

  1. Time required completing the job

Consider how soon you wish to complete the job through forklift. Depending upon the same, decide whether you want the rent for a day, week, month or more. Make sure you hire one while planning for how much time you require the forklift. When you hire a forklift for a longer period, the per-day rate is less.

Enquire the company about how much they charge for the overtime charges. Most of the forklift rentals are decided based upon 8-hour day/40-hour week/160-hour month. Overtime charges apply when you require it for extra time.

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